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Self adhesive stickers: Printed in digital, ofset or screen printing (the whole of the Pantone range of matching colours or full colour) Thermal labels: Chemically coated heat-sensitive material produces images as heat is applied to the surface.


rofin-baasel yag-laser (65W)  

ROFIN-Baasel YAG-laser, rotary cycling (65 W)
+ additional devices (control-, cooler-, filter device)

zappa semi-automatic blister machine  

ZAPPA semi-automatic blister machine

siemens sinumeric  

SIEMENS-SINUMERIK semi-automatic CNC dot welder device

typographical roll stocks  

Typographical roll stocks mixed

hermann ultrasonic welding device  

Hermann ultrasonic welding device

rofin-baasel yag-laser (100W)  

ROFIN-Baasel YAG-laser marker suitable for metal surfaces (100 W)
+ additional devices (control-, cooler-, filter device)