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Self adhesive stickers: Printed in digital, ofset or screen printing (the whole of the Pantone range of matching colours or full colour) Thermal labels: Chemically coated heat-sensitive material produces images as heat is applied to the surface.

ROFIN-Baasel YAG-laser marker suitable for metal surfaces (100 W)

+ additional devices (control-, cooler-, filter device)

rofin-baasel yag-laser 100w   rofin-baasel yag-laser 100w

Be on view: Budapest, Hungary

Availability: almost new • Producer: BAASEL-ROFIN, Germany • Cooler unit: MTA - TAE K20 • Filter unit: FUCHS - MKF 105 • Selling price: 25.000 EUR • Rental: 40,00 EUR/hour (min. 4.000 EUR/month)+ maintenance • Produced: 2003

YAG laser marker suitable for deep marking of metal surfaces with 100W laser power, duplex (shared ray) head. Devices (7 pieces together) are eligible by original individual built metal case or separated laser unit. As a unit they were used in 5-10 percent nominal power for marking by a multinational firm. We can informate You about servicing. It kept in proper condition. It was operated for 15.000 hours maximum in 5-10 percent capacity, between 2003 and 2005. Now it's in tried, canned status and archived in transportable packaging. You may try one device which is ready for operation.