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Self adhesive stickers: Printed in digital, ofset or screen printing (the whole of the Pantone range of matching colours or full colour) Thermal labels: Chemically coated heat-sensitive material produces images as heat is applied to the surface.


Product embleming
Following the customer's needs, products and fabrication technologies renews acontinually. This variation envoy the world of the designs. Product embleming is prime method renewing the facade, suggesting the novelty of the product and turning-out the company. Some instances for using succesfuly: household goods, engineering items, vehicles, computers.

Product post-embleming
Product post-embleming is a popular solution by dealers and suppliers. Helps reach the fitting look for any standard products assist for the marketing or service.

Promotional product
With help of the special embleming materials classical promotional items could be customized or appear expetively in the abstract.

Several applications
• Embleming promotional presets
• Dealer signalling (computer, vehicle industry)
• Branding
• Advertisement and promotional labeling