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Self adhesive stickers: Printed in digital, ofset or screen printing (the whole of the Pantone range of matching colours or full colour) Thermal labels: Chemically coated heat-sensitive material produces images as heat is applied to the surface.

VINO-LOK emblem

vino-lok emblem   vino-lok emblem

The Vino-Lok system re-interpreted tradition in the packaging of exclusive drinks. The unique glass closure is not only 100 %-natural, food-friendly but it also provides a simple everyday object with the opportunity to become a unique souvenir, a gift that can be collected.

The glass closure is without any marks in its original condition. Functionally, it fulfils its purpose perfectly but from the marketing aspect its valuable surface remains unexploited. The design of the top of the cap provides an ideal surface for the placement of private texts. The logo of the vinery, the wine type, the vintage year or even special information can be displayed on it.

Various text types emphasise the quality class well, from the simple text using only a few colours up to the photo-quality printing with true colour quality. It serves the protection of the origin and the rarity of the drink even with serial numbers and in a hologram design.